In Loving Memory

At the Invisible Circus show Welcome to The Future I performed alongside Bad Fractal’s Bang Crosby as a kind of priest in a sideshow booth called the Cultural Graveyard.

It was a temporary chapel in memory and celebration of dead DIY arts spaces in Bristol.

There was a book of remembrance, this is what people wrote:



Not emptying the bucket under the communal sink with no plumbing.

↑ I agree with this

Getting naked at the Magic Box. A 24 year old idiot fucking around with cabaret. Having a wild time.

Back to Mine Nightclub Ahhhhh

Once I invited a punk back (he was a lovely guitar player) from my local pub, he gave me something I’d never tried before, and I remember setting light to my douvet and throwing the whole douvet in the fire. That was a good night! And a close shave!

The Frekshow Society

In remembrance of our birth place, Ennywevers Campsite.

RIP. Thank you Pete, for every thing you provided to us scruffy trailer folk.

Also to Dawkins Ales, our second venue, we owe you our fame, and you owe us £200. Shame you sgut down.

Rest in Peace, and forever grateful xxx

I once performed in a show where I stripped down and covered myself in cake in front of an audience which included my 40 year old teacher.

↑ so did I

My first contemporary dance classes as a child were at Jacob Wells. I went on to study dance & have a creative career from it. very sad its not here anymore. also went to an amazing wedding there were DJ Peherk was playing

I love you Lofty Heights! Dishes really do ruin friendships

I have some of the most magical, jaw dropping wild memories of shows in the Pro Cathedral – they still send shivers down my spine X

Barkin’ mi Penguin Ass about at the Fish & Chip shop at Carnyville…. Love you All!!! xxx

Putting a nautical flare out on the palm of my hand at the Pro Cathedral. I ended up with a crescent moon shaped tattoo

So many magical memories dancing with Murilo & Julia at the dance centre, even though it was raining and the roof was leaking we kept dancing.

RIP all these places closing – I tell ya, that’s some fucking bullshit!

Long live the good places and the fun cunts ♡

Squat the Lot….

Ⓐ North Bristol Swimming Baths Ⓐ… A group of hopeful visionary urban anarchists turned this place into an open air art gallery. incredibly we welcomed 4000 people of all backgrounds to showcase local artists and if you looked carefully…

Joby: is irrelevent

Nobody cares Joby ♡

R.I.P Theatre Bristol

You were so brilliant

Thank you for all your support

Chisselhurt Caves




Hat and Feather


Tramshed Market. (˘_˘٥)

Dovercourt Road


↑ YES! The Audi Garage take over 5 floors of theatre & circus. So Beautiful!

It’s a turning point. You made Bristol and get nothing. We used to learn about shanty towns in other countries, but now they’re here – filled with all the creatives that made them those big bucks.

THANK YOU for the last 12 years I’ve known you. It seems like the circus must travel despit its wants.

All the Love Zoe xxx

Thank upi x being the best circus space in Bristol! Thanks to this space I’v eben able to meet the best circus artists in the city and train every fucking day during the whole summer. PLease don’t disappear, Bristol needs more of you!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


I loved the event in the depth of the pro-cathedral. Very dark and mysterious. Emma

RIP in peace

to the Wilkos

in Kingswood 🙁

Best night ever was the Invisible Circus at the firestation “Hometown Glory!” the start of the show 2009!

Dougies’s mind is so absolfuckingloutley creative it blows my tiny mind

Tommy Popcorn

Most wonderous experience of my life was bumping into some of you lot at Boomtown Fair.

Fills my heart with contentment knowing folk of your ilk dedicate your skills to merriment and mystery. Good luck on your future endeavours – Billy Bones xxx

Jesus, Audi Garage, 157 Cheltenham Rd Squat – where it all began.

The Fire Station

  • was my 1st invisible circus gig. with my now wife. One of the coolest and best nights of my life.
  • Tom

Casabalanca that became Clockwork, next door to Blue Mountain was the best nightclub in Bristol. On par with Timbuk2, possibly better!

15 years since the Island, the glorious Carnyville years and oh the irony of the circus looking for its long term home, only to be steamrolled by gentrification.

Thank you circus for inspiring me, for turning me from corporate to supporting the arts, and joining the fight to keep Bristol interesting.

Till the next battle


The Rhubarb Tavern – imminenty RIP.

The Brunswick Club

Gizan my first gay club in Lithuania. Ah! sweet discovery xoxo I

My greatgrandparents home that they built in Detroit, MI, USA, straight from Belgium…torn down, reduced to rubble in 2014.

Dancing on the sticky dance floor of the Blue Mountain Club 🙁

Adios Blue Mountain, you were special

Metropolis…now a mosque a centre of a different form of worship and music…not so hip hop unfortunately for some.

Botany Studios

I have the fondest memories of the potential stories which coulda shoulda woulda been happening in the old Debenhams building. Rest In Peace amid the developers

Full Marks Bookshop 1983

The anarchist bookshop on the corner of Stokes Croft + Picton St. Behind it was the Beatle Yard where punks & skate munties hung out – Bear- Beono + et al The Skate Mutiesi


Bear Hakenbush

Punkdeville on Old Market (not far from here!) found on the main strip.

I bought a badger skull (i called him Barnabus) for £10 and two spiked dog collars for £5! one for me and one for my Bestie.

I am sad & trepadatious but have faith in the future 🙂 Claire x 🙂

I did a performance piece at Stapleton Rd years ago. It was a great fun. Such a shame its gone ;(

I remember ……………………………………………. hang on a minute

This place should never close- it’s a travesty. Where can such amazing performers come together to train and give us such wonderful experiences? Wendy

art & culture really matter

Heavy news.

The frikkin Blue Mountin.

Best memory – getting fed up of a queue.

Climbing up fire escape, over balcony. Quickly putting hair into a ponytail so I looked different, strode past security guard coming to find me.

Banging night.

Shit. It’s gone! mega . so shocked.

RIP LeftBank, we miss you ♡

I miss leftbank too, ♡ happy memories

RIP Blue Mountain ♡

Rest in Peace CROFT ALES “best stout in town” Trev. Special Brewnights

The White Hart Whitehall Road BS5! R.I.P!

Oh Motorcycle showrooms!! You ignited my love affair with Bristol…waht a great space.

Kings of Ping absorbed me + enfolded me in their glitering arms + I have never left ♡♡

Watching Welcome to the Future at Unit 15. Everyone Together.

Subsential Birmingham

RIP Dog & Partridge AKA The Dog

Carnyville at the firestation was and remaind to be the most fun and beautifully mad place I have ever been. It was seminal to my journey into circus and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. 20 years later I am now a professional performer.

Yes love xxx Phil X

Sadly people think that they are unable to change their world and never carve a live sense of purpose in this reality. A place that has been built for thousands of years where you have had no say in its evolution and are expected to find your way within it.

Anyone that says they are happy and understand this world is a fucking liar, no one truly knows what they are doing.

All you need to do is be hapy in how you spend your time and find something that gives you a passionate purpose. Live because the fuck not. Joshua.


Rust ‘n’ Dirt

Remember Shit The BEd?

Remember Leftbank?

As a trainee architect I feel it is so important to keep these spaces avaialable for creative & cultural uses! – Buildings student fats destroys communities and is not inclusive.

Bristol is a beautiful city we need to love it!


Cloak & Dagger on Cheltenham Rd hosted most of our Bristol Nectar Collective events and has brought so many souls together to share shit and get fonky with us all! Toof x