If you’re looking for someone to provide the following services for your project then please get in touch with me.

The rates listed below are starting points for negotiation, if you don’t have much money but your project is really interesting then get in touch anyway.

Performance Based

Outside Eye / Director / Dramaturg

In these related roles I can come into your process from as little as an afternoon or as long as is needed.

My way of working is to serve the artist by watching each rehearsal or devising session with fresh eyes, then clearly communicating with the artist or team what I am seeing and thinking and feeling.

There is a process of questioning and response that can happen as we work the towards realising the intended creative vision.

I have a very good eye for meanings created on stage and either guiding the work towards achieving its known goals or exploring interesting unintended territory.

I focus on process and connection in my work, helping the makers understand themselves and their ideas more fully.

In this role I have work across a huge range of stage disciplines including:

  • clown
  • plays
  • fooling
  • live art
  • puppetry
  • dance
  • circus

What motivates me is a love for artists, audience, the creation of meaning and the shared existence we can find together.


£250 per day for funded work, half day minimum

£350 per day for commercial work, day minimum

PErformer / Deviser / actor / fool

I love performing so deeply and my pleasure at getting to do this work is the engine of my creativity in the room and on stage.

I bring a constantly growing life to my performances, always open to finding the show in the moment with that particular audience.

In solo or ensemble work I remain alive in the moment and sensitive to those delightful connections that complicité can bring.

I have performed across a range of stage disciplines and can access many states of play:

  • fooling*
  • multiple styles of clown
  • improvisation
  • acting
  • bouffon
  • physical theatre
  • live art

*Fooling is an emerging form, it involves a solo performer who enters the space with no preconceived ideas and finds a unique show that night in the moment as a conduit between their inner world and the audience. It is a powerful and exciting mode of play where anything is possible.

In rehearsals I channel this love into a welling up of creative ideas and flowing dialog and interplay with other people in the room. Sharing ideas and creative space with others is such a rewarding process. If you want to bring a responsive, caring and dedicated artist into your process then get in contact.


£600 per week for funded work, week minimum

£850 per week for commercial work, week minimum


I have a delivered workshops since the early days of my career and I really enjoying passing on the skills of playful performance that I have been taught.

These workshops can be tailored to specific needs when working with an artist or company, or they can be drawn from my collection of existing workshops.

We begin by setting the ground rules that will establish a safe play space, ideal for learning, then we grow together as a group. Then we dive into a series of carefully planned exercises. Of course if we discover that something else is needed then in the moment we can change course and I’ll propose a different set of options for what to do next.

Workshop Subjects:

  • Fooling
  • Devising
  • Play Inside Performance
  • Start Your Own Artist Led Collective
  • Dreamer, Maker, Editor – National level creative community building, with Lina B. Frank.

£100 per day per participant for funded work, half day minimum

£250 per day per participant for commercial work, day minimum


Access to work

I have many years experience working as an access support assistant, I specialise in strategy and career oversight, think of me as an outside eye for your whole art practice or your narrative around work.

I’m also really good at shutting down or dealing with all the ableist bullshit that is thrown at disabled people.

If you are in receipt of Access to Work and are looking for someone then get in touch.

I can also help you with an initial Access to Work application.


The rate will be set in negotiation between us and will then need to be agreed by the Access to Work Scheme.

It will depend on your overall award, the type of work you want me to do and the regularity of the hours.

Neurodiverse navigation

If you’re neurodiverse and looking for help navigating life, work, relating, then get in touch. I’ve developed a practice which offers space for reflection, conversation, planning and external accountability.

I know what it’s like having some combination of autism and ADHD, so I enjoy offer support to others who are dealing with the ways in which their wiring makes life harder than it needs to be.


We can set a per hour rate based on your income/wealth so that the sessions feel affordable.

10 minute minimum for phone/video calls as part of a longer term agreement.


Bid Writing – Access Assistant

I have experience writing funding applications as an access assistant, if you need someone to work with who has previous experience then get in touch. I have a working knowledge of the models of disability and the way in which both people and institutions perpetuate forms of violence towards disabled people.

Following the social model of disability I can see that disability is both socially constructed and enacted as discrimination against disabled people as a group. All of which is to say that you won’t have to do the exhausting ground work or deal with micro-aggressions from me in our working relationship.

I’m also really good at translating creative ideas into good application text, which many successful applications to ACE, Innovate UK, and institutions. The service I provide will take you from initial ideas into a fully submitted application.


£20 per hour, flexible hours, 1 hour minimum

Bid Writing – feedback

I can read your application and give you feedback about how it appears on the page, I have assisted many people with various levels of feedback and rewriting. If you have an application you are close to submitting or in particular if you are resubmitting something then get in touch to talk about me looking at it.

The same skills that help me craft narratives on stage enable me to see the through line of an application. Whether you’re looking for proofreading, gentle feedback or a nuts and bolts rewrite I can help.


£25 per hour, flexible hours, 1 hour minimum

Web Based


I create and edit websites using the following platforms:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Squarespace

If you have a website that you want created or updated then please get in contact.

Ads & Analytics

I create online adverts using Google & Facebook/Meta Ads, using your visual assets with bespoke text I can write or edit.

This can be combined with setting up and reporting on analytics data for your website. Giving you insights into the people who visit your site, where they come from and what they do when they reach you.


£300 per day for funded work, half day minimum

£350 per day for commercial work, day minimum