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Outside Eye/Director

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I work with people on their projects in a number of related roles:

  • director
  • dramaturge
  • outside eye
  • facilitator

Using my experience as a solo artist and my training with Holly Stoppit and Philippe Gaulier I help to overcome creative blockages and encourage the fullest expression of the work.

I facilitate in a responsive way without pushing my vision on the artists, it is all about helping them realise their ideas.

I LOVE working with new people no matter how much or little experience of making performance you have I am always ready to listen. If you’re interested in a conversation about working together get in touch!

‘Ed is a sharp and engaging presence in rehearsal, with masterful awareness of the comic/tragic line, he is unafraid to speak frankly. He is a direct and honest critic with the best intentions of the work always close to his heart.’

Isabelle Cressy, PINCH, Asking For It

‘Working with Edward was a wonderful experience: his skilled, attentive and compassionate approach gave me confidence to push myself creatively beyond my expectations. Being able to develop half-formed ideas with someone who knows the stage so well was really exciting, and I would not hesitate to work with Ed again. He’s a gifted director/advisor and a delightful person to be around.’

Alice Holland

‘Working with Ed helped me to unlock what I really wanted to communicate in this piece. He enabled me to be bold and make the work I needed to make, not the work I thought I should be making.

Ed asked me all the right questions. The difficult questions, the obvious questions, the ‘I can’t believe you just asked me that!’ questions. In answering them my path through the process became clearer.
Ed was great fun to work with. Kind and supportive but honest and interrogating (in a good way, not a kidnapper type of way). I want to have an Ed with me whenever I make anything.’
Liz Clarke, Cannonballista

‘Ed astutely guided us along the treacherous path of creating a comedy where we remained open, honest and alive. He brought out our clowns and made sure they stayed in the room, discovering humour in the most unlikely places with his uproarious laughter. He was good to have around.’

Angus Barr, We Are Brontë

Performer, Director, Cultural Activist, Fool, Clown, Self Proclaimed Genius