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Reviewed: We Are Brontë by Publick Transport

One of my highlights in 2015 was directing Publick Transport and now I get to watch them in Bristol. It’s always a pleasure to get a glowing review on your opening night. This one is positively radiant.

‘We Are Brontë provides a glorious mash-up of physical theatre, stand-up, clowning, improvisation – and a self-conscious exploration of both the Brontë sisters’ genre-defining work and the nature of theatre itself’

James Prescott, Bristol24/7

It is a delight to be able to spend the evenings this week in the Wardrobe Theatre running the warm up and take notes as Angus and Sarah play.

Watching the way the performers listen to each other and the audience. Getting to witness all those moment by moment decision. Still being made to laugh by material you have seen hundreds of times because each night it is approached anew. These are some of my joys and I’m incredibly happy with how the show works.

Publick Transport continue their tour at the following venues:

19-23 Jan – New Wardrobe Theatre, Old Market, Bristol
26-28 Jan – Eastbourne College / The Printer’s Playhouse
29 Jan – Notts, Lincs, Leic rural touring (venue TBC)
30 Jan – Notts, Lincs, Leic rural touring (venue TBC)
5 Feb – Bradon Forest Theatre, Swindon
10 Feb – Bay Theatre, Weymouth College
11 Feb – The Lyric, Bridport
12 Feb – Plough Arts Centre, Great Torrington, Devon

Beyond The Ridiculous

On Saturday we ran Bristol’s regular fooling night as it continued its tour around Bristol, taking over The Loco Klub, the amazing new alternative performance venue under Temple Meads Station for 2 nights: Friday 27th and Saturday 28th November.

What is this ‘Fooling’ that I speak of, and what would happen to us if we went along to Beyond The Ridiculous?

Well, fooling is a staggeringly versatile form of solo improvisation where the performer walks into the empty space and plays with whatever appears. We all have voices in our heads. People we’ve met, aspects of ourselves, bizarre and banal creatures cobbled from emotions and memories. Instead of wishing they’d keep the noise down in there, the fools of Beyond The Ridiculous invite them out to play!

Expertly facilitated by Fool Shaman Holly Stoppit, Beyond The Ridiculous is a chance to see courageous performers leaping off cliffs into the limitless possibilities of each moment. You may laugh, cry or stare dumbfounded and for once the voices in your head will discover they are not alone.

Need any more convincing? Here’s some satisfied audience comments from Beyond The Ridiculous 13/11/15:

“I have definitely never seen anything like that before.”

“It was so good, I spilled beer on myself.”

“I feel like I can never enter normal civilisation again.”